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Edu-Care provides an early childhood program for children two through twelve years of age. We welcome children on a first come first served basis. Our center is open to any child, provided our program can meet the needs of that child.

We are a learning center offering childcare and stimulating learning experiences to those enrolled. Our program caters to specific levels of development.

Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Developmentally appropriate learning activities for two and young three year old children.

  • Pre-School Activities for three and four year olds. 

  • Pre-Kindergarten programs

  • Before and after school activities and Summer Camp

Our Curriculum 

At EDU-Care, we use a variety of age-appropriate lesson planning tools. Our teachers put together a weekly plan that challenges each age group on creative arts, music, literature, problem-solving, drama, natural world, science, and physical development. We follow Care About Child Care's indicator standards along with Utah Department of Health Bureau of Child Development Child Care Licensing.

During our School Year (September-May) we focus on a Letter, Number, Color, and Shape each week. We also have a fun theme that we plan activities around as well. We have Health/Safety Practice we learn about each week all year round. 

At Edu-Care our goal is to help the children know they belong here and that we love them. Physical and intellectual developments are essential parts of every child’s growth. We plan our “physical” program by determining our children’s needs and then providing age appropriate activities to strengthen large muscles and define small ones. Intellectual growth is heightened by providing opportunities for questions, exploring and problem solving. We also feel social-emotional and cognitive-language developments are important as well as sparking creativity. We try to help each child work and play cooperatively by offering experiences that help them respect the feelings and rights of everyone. We also promote development of self-control by using positive guidance and establishing limits for their behavior.

2 Years

Our staff recognizes that younger children have special needs and require different care in a group setting than that of older children. Our two-year-old’s have their own classroom that is equipped with a diaper changing area along with individual lavatories for toilet training (which is part of the toddler curriculum). The curriculum is very basic and free-play and center-play is mixed in with circle time, art/creativity and music time. We also introduce the letters, numbers, shapes and colors as a part of the curriculum.

Pre-School 3 years-5 years Developmentally appropriate activities are planned for three, four and five year old’s enhancing large & small motor, social & emotional, math & science, language & literacy, as well as creative skills. Children also participate in music, sign language, exercise, food/science and learn to interact with other children in their classrooms. We focus on a letter, number, shape, and color each week as a part of our Pre-School Curriculum.

Before & After School 5 years –12 years

Children ages five through twelve years attend our center before, after school and during holidays which they are out of school participate in our school age program. This program includes: · Transportation to selected schools K-6th grades (check with our staff for schools we are currently busing to for that school year)

Every Day a New Adventure… Mondays: Sign Language
Tuesdays: Exercise & Library/Story Time Wednesdays: Music
Thursdays: Food Experience/Science
Fridays: Art
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